The Devil's Canvas tells the chilling story of a soul-searching photographer who encounters the practice of Voodoo ceremony painting while on assignment in the islands. He is drawn into with the visceral artwork in the ritual ceremony he witnessed. But the experience embeds itself in his psyche and his obsession grows and drives him further into the practice of Chaos Magik. Through his own artwork, he creates his own destiny, a path to demonization. A complete transformation occurs physically, mentally, and artistically and results in the conjuring of entities never imagined, exploring the world between darkness and blackness. 



“The Devil's Canvas” stars Ron Fitzgerald (“Dark Realm”), Vincent Bilancio (“Bio Slime”), August Lysy (“Ghebbar Woods”), Sara Kopp (“The Opposite of Life”)  Angel Rosario Jr. (“A Cartel Story”) and introducing Kat Blackburn.  

Directed by Rob Sepulveda.  Coming 2020.



Official Trailer