Ron Fitzgerald as Ramon

August Lysy as Dean McCallin

Vinnie Bilancio as Michael St. John

Kat Blackburn as Cassandra  

Angel Rosario as Leon 

Sarah Kopp as Andrea

Arch Harman as The Bokor 

Carlo Aparo as Jimmy 

Josip Fijacko as Dexter

Brad Smith as Vince 

Ripper Brown as Kalfou

Carrie Dunfee as Paige

Claire 'Fluff' Llewellyn as Valac

Chenli Ke as Mia


Written and Directed by 

Rob Sepulveda


Assistant Director 

Tommy Sigmon


Cinematography by

Kurt Long 

Christopher Kahler

Rob Sepulveda

Tommy Sigmon

2nd Unit AD

Jessica Lawson

Visual Effects Supervisor

Christopher Kahler 


Make-Up Effects Supervisor

Bonnie 'Bones' White 

Additional Makeup by

Danielle Sepulveda

Karisia Marinese

Claire 'Fluff' Llewellyn


Additional Camera

Terry McGill

Production Assistants

Alexandra Roach

Amber Smutley 


Location Sound Supervisor

Logan Vines


Soundtrack by

Phil Absurd 


Sound Design by

Phil Absurd

Rob Sepulveda

Kevin Ford 


Mixed and Mastered by

Kevin Ford 

Fullerton Studios Chicago














Soundtrack #5 - Phil Absurd 2019
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